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International PR and Internet advertisement

International public relations

We will collaborate with professional public relations firms in Asian countries. Nature and preference of mass media is different by country and region. The PR firms have knowhow to release information effectively to their mass media.

However, local PR firms are not perfect unless your good collaboration. There is a possibility the investment in PR ends in failure if you do not have knowledge of the local culture, market and PR activities. When you expect a good performance of PR in Asian countries and regions, our experience to work together with PR firms there is very useful.

Internet advertisement

There are several media of advertisement such as TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, signage and Internet. We provide agency service that focus on Internet advertisement because of the cost performance.

You need a local language website for Internet advertisement. We produce your website if you do not have it. The advertisement is mainly exposed in search engine or social networks. We also present banners in some local popular websites to attract your target people effectively.

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